About us

Vigdal Begravelsesbyrå was established in 1922 and we have provided funeral assistance in Melhus, Klæbu, Skaun, Midtre-Gauldal, Malvik and Trondheim ever since. We also have an office in Orkdal, called Orkdal Begravelsesbyrå, that covers Orkdal, Agdenes, Snillfjord and Meldal.

We have offices and consulting rooms in Melhus, Trondheim and Orkanger – but we are also happy to visit you if you would prefer a home consultation. We are often out of the office, so we recommend calling us on +47 72 87 10 22 to arrange an appointment.

Our long-term experience with people who are grieving has taught us a great deal about caring and compassion. We have extensive experience in managing funeral arrangements and incorporating various traditions irrespective of denomination.

We always make every effort to ensure that friends and family will experience us as respectful and compassionate.

From our Vigdal office, we can assist you in the event of bereavement in Melhus, Trondheim, Klæbu, Ranheim, Malvik, Ler, Lundamo, Hovin, Støren, Leinstrand, Byneset, Buvik, Børsa, Skaun, Korsvegen, Gåsbakken, Hølonda, Orkdal, Orkanger, Svorkmo, Løkken, Meldal, Ingdalen, Lensvik and Agdenes. We also attend appointments outside these areas.

Free parking is available at all our offices.